Wearing your GPS Watch ALL of the Time | Benefits Day and Night

Is it Okay to Wear a GPS Watch All Day?
Broadly speaking, it’s miles honestly ok to put on a GPS watch 24/7. It may take some getting used to, however wearing the watch at all times will offer you with a ton of beneficial (and funky) fitness information.

Not all GPS watches come with features that make wearing them all day profitable. All the mid-degree and probably the greatest models do, and in case you personal a very good GPS watch you could get extra out of your watch via carrying it extra regularly.

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Through the rest of this post we can outline the most important benefits to sporting your watch all day and night.

Benefits of Wearing Your Watch All The Time
Wearing a GPS watch through more hours of the day has some blessings. These benefits come frequently through the ability to song a much wider array of your fitness records. Below are five principal advantages.

1. The Watch Can Have a Better Baseline for YOU
Some watches provide an awesome baseline for your general fitness the more you wear them. My Garmin fenix 6s Pro is an excellent instance of this.

Using a selection of information compiled over time, the watch gives me with a Body Battery rating that gives an amazing image of my health and strength. It uses a variety of metrics to show this data the use of a zero to 100 rating.

Below is a screenshot from the Garmin Connect App from my day nowadays. Take note of the stress elements I’ve overlayed with the power records.

Garmin fenix 6s Pro Body Battery
Whether you need a watch to tell you ways a good deal electricity you have is up for debate. However, for me, it is a great factor of reference to remind myself no longer to get too careworn out at work. Below you can see the strain factors at some stage in the day.

You can see I took the watch off right earlier than lunch (I turned into loading a truck), but just before that I become experiencing a few pretty constant stress. Knowing WHEN you’re harassed Swiss made chronograph can permit you to regulate your behavior to manipulate that stress.

Garmin Connect Screenshot Stress
2. More Accurate Calorie Counting
Calorie counting is likely one of the top reasons humans need to wear their GPS watches all day. Whether you’re on a food regimen, or simply looking to make certain you hit a baseline minimum, a quality GPS watch can count number energy WAY better in case you ACTUALLY put on it the entire day.

Below is an instance of my days’ calorie matter. I wore the watch maximum of the day and got a pretty accurate matter of what number of calories I burned. The watch is also capable to tell me how many of the ones energy are burned in the course of energetic or resting motion.

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